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Psychologist Dr. Alan Greene is no stranger to stepping across the line with his students, but when he sleeps with a patient, the results are deadly.


Alyson was the perfect subject for testing a treatment for PTSD that uses clinically induced multiple personalities, a method designed by Alan and his colleague Dr. Hal Kreige.  Placed under hypnosis Alyson’s memories are stored in the minds of 9 alter egos, each of them a different breed of guard dog, all of them living in a make-believe land called “The Valley” inside her mind.


During treatment, The Sleeping Dogs take turns telling Alyson her own story of survival, allowing her to view the memories from a psychological distance before accepting them as her own.


Trouble arises when Alyson and Dr. Greene engage in a forbidden love affair. New “Unauthorized” personalities emerge as a pack of wolves in the make-believe Valley, and The Sleeping Dogs are forced to fight them to protect Alyson from losing control. Their efforts, however, fall short.


A monster awakens, Dr. Kreige meets an untimely end, and a secret is revealed in the details of the crime scene.

Alyson is a killer the FBI has been chasing for years.


Now it’s up to forensic psychologist Dr. Roni Price to hunt Alyson down before she kills again, but with no leads and a witness who refuses to talk, it’s anyone’s guess as to how, or even if, Alyson will ever be caught.


A mind-blowing thriller with twist after twist, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is a trip into the psychotic wonderland of a killer whose innocence somehow remains intact.

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

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